Your Time To Shine

While this autumn seems somewhat mild so far, the nights are unmistakably drawing in, and October saw us move the clocks back one hour to GMT (Greenwich Mean time).

For the month of December; Safer Roads, a partnership between local authorities in Berkshire, together with Sustrans and My Journey Wokingham, will be running a competition to highlight the importance of remaining visible during these darker times.

Inspired by Wokingham Rocks, Wokingham Borough Council are inviting schools and colleges to take part by producing your own painted rocks with the theme of staying bright at night. Be sure to mark the bottom with #WokyRocks so that others can see and share it!

Once the Rocks have been painted you’ll need to take a picture of them, and share it on social media using the hashtag #WokyRocks.

Don’t forget to hide your rock somewhere around Wokingham after you’re done for others to find and share your work!

Content can be posted on your own social media channels on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags. Posts can also be made via Facebook, however will depend on your own privacy settings. Be Sure to use the hashtag #WokyRocks

If you would like to know more about Wokingham Rocks, please visit their official Facebook Page.